What is Ramadan? A Book and Quiz For Kids


Teach your children all about Ramadan by downloading the What is Ramadan Book and Quiz For Kids!  It is another free Ramadan download made especially for busy moms who want to make Ramadan special and significant for their children, and who don't have the time to research all the basics.

The What is Ramadan Book is a 16-page color download that includes all the information that is relevant to explain the basics of Ramadan and then some. There is a 20 Question quiz for your kids to fill out after they learn the basics from their Ramadan book, and feel confident to take the quiz. It also includes a Ramadan badge that they can color and keep, as a reward for completing the quiz.

Included is an answer key to make it easy for kids to mark their own quiz, so remember not to give them the answer key print-out when you hand them their booklet! This is made for older kids to work independently or for younger kids to do it with a parent or older sibling.

Enjoy a Muslimommy exclusive, "What is Ramadan?". It is a 16-page ebook and quiz for children, and available especially for Muslimommy subscribers in the Mom Vault during the month of Ramadan.

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