Why I Dislike Social Media As A Mompreneur

Why I dislike social media.jpg

Social media is one of those love/hate things. I feel that I can state this, because I have many family members and friends who don’t claim to love it all the time. They go on, then go off social media over the years, and half the time they don’t understand why? But the “why” is your heart speaking to you, it’s your gut instinct saying, “This is not making me feel so great right now”. But then, it takes one awesome post, or some big news that you need details about, and you’re back on thinking, “Hey it’s not so bad, it has benefit too”.

This podcast is not about making you feel bad or guilty for being on social media, because I use it too. It is merely my personal opinion about why I dislike it, what I think about it, and how we should be aware of our intentions when using it. We should also understand that there is an element of responsibility when giving advice to many followers - so are we thinking of that? And what is our honest intention for being on social media. You can hear more about my thoughts in the recording below.

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