Why I Started Muslima Network

Why I Started Muslima Network.jpg

Do you notice that as a Muslima blogger or Mompreneur you don’t have much support? Why are our fellow bloggers not offering the warmest welcome? I wondered this many times as I had one door after another slammed in my face when I was a newbie many years ago. I still see it happening till today, but now the reason is competition. Also, unless you are a popular personality, or are able to give something beneficial in return, you are disregarded or made to feel small.

It doesn’t have to be like that. It shouldn’t be a hustle to do something good like share beneficial knowledge. Where’s the barakah element? Where is the love for your brother what you love for yourself mindset? Well, that’s why the Muslima Network was created, to provide the support for fellow Mompreneurs and bloggers. You can hear more about this in my podcast below.