Work Smarter Not Harder As A Muslimapreneur

working smarter not harder as muslimapreneur.jpg

Are you working your butt-off on your blog, website, or business? Do you spend hours upon hours of your time and effort doing everything that needs to be done? That was me for years! The hardworking-nose-to-the-grindstone mom clicking away at her laptop. Working from dawn till late at night on printables, ebooks, blogging and worse of all technical problems! I was spending so much time on the backend of running my sites, that I was losing time on producing my products!

Why did I do this? To save money! Was it worth it? Not in the long shot! Don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made - work smarter not harder and grow your business faster. The money you use to outsource can be made up later. Use your hard effort where it’s needed most. In my podcast, I explain this concept and how I changed the way I work, to be even more productive.

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