Meet a Mom/Muslima

It’s always great to hear from other Moms and Muslimas around the world. Sharing tips as sisters makes great conversation! Enjoy the helpful advice from these sisters who generously took the time to share their valuable advice with us! If you would like to share your tips on Muslimommy, fill out the form below. Meet Mom Muslima #1 – Faaiza Daya of I am Faaiza Daya, stay at home mother. I live in Gauteng, South Africa. I am a mother of two toddlers. My son is (Read more…)

Surviving The Last Days of Summer With Kids

The summer holiday is a wonderful time for a mom to connect with her kids. A mom is not in her usual stressful position of carpooling, keeping up with school emails, making lunches and helping with homework. Your kids are not spending hours at school, doing homework, and attending extracurricular activities. It’s a time to refocus your family life and reconstruct your values and togetherness. Unfortunately, summer can also be a very trying time for mommy dearest. After Ramadan and your short getaway (Read more…)

10 More Spiritual Resolutions for a Muslima

I am expanding on my last post on setting spiritual resolutions for yourself as a Muslima. You can read the first part of the article, 10 Spiritual Resolutions for a Muslima here. I always find Ramadan a refreshing time of the year, so I feel motivated to set some spiritual goals for myself during that month. I may not keep to everything I set, but I believe in reaching for the stars and aiming high, so my accomplishments can surmise to a decent amount of effort. As I said before, do not feel (Read more…)

10 Spiritual Resolutions for a Muslima

As Muslims, Shawwal is usually our “fresh start” month for the year ahead. It’s a time when you feel spiritually cleansed of your sins and physically detoxed of your bad habits by the past month of Ramadan. It’s our time to instill our “new year’s resolutions” that’s all the hype for others each January. Rewind to Shabaan, and that’s the month most people feel quite anxious by the approaching Ramadan. Usually, we’re not ready to face the month ahead because of having missed fasts (Read more…)

The Muslima’s Guide to Qada

Life keeps getting faster and time keeps losing barakah. Your biggest challenge nowadays as a busy Muslima, is to hold onto your fards. There is no excuse for being “too busy” or “too stressed and tired” and missing your fards. Even with good reason, most fards need to be repaid in the form of qada before your death. Qada (قُضِي) is the Arabic word for fulfilling the duties (usually your fard obligations) that you’ve missed due to some reason. With this in mind, we need to set time aside (Read more…)

Being Kind to Yourself as a Mom

The title of this article may sound ridiculous, but being kind to yourself as a mother is a rare occurrence. A mom can sometimes be her own worst enemy. Being kind to oneself as a mother is a priceless gift to give yourself. Most times you forget that you’re an individual with your own wants and needs. You become so wrapped up in everyone else’s needs that you forego your own and no one even asked you to. Think of the scenario of counting a roomful of people at a party. You count every single person (Read more…)

3 Ways to be a Better Spouse

To have a decent marriage takes work. It isn’t like the Disney Fairy Tales we grew up watching which caused our delusions of “forever-after” love to formulate. When you witness a successful marriage, you shouldn’t think it’s because the couple is “lucky” or their spouse must be “awesome”. Realize that both or even one spouse is working hard and putting in the extra time to make the marriage a success. A successful marriage doesn’t happen automatically either. It happens when you accept your spouse (Read more…)

5 Steps to Improve your Relationship with your Teenager

Raising teenagers can be a painful experience – ouch! You want a close relationship with them, but they make it so hard to get close when they display disrespect and disobedience towards you. This “back-and-forth” causes the rift to widen each day in your relationship with your teen. Remember the good ol’ days when your teen was little, and he would turn to you for everything? It was so simple to discipline him using rewards and consequences, and even easier to forgive him because he was so cute. (Read more…)

A Moms Guide To Istikhara

Many times we are told by pious family and friends, to pray istikhara for the decisions we face in life, but we are not told much about the hows of Istikhara. I used to think istikhara was a prayer I must make only for major decisions in my life, or if I could not make up my mind about something paramount. I was not familiar with the actual essence of this powerful prayer, nor its valuable benefit to my conflicts. I did not realize that this prayer made me put my trust in Allah entirely, by asking (Read more…)

Motivation Charts For Kids

There is an abundance of charts for kids all over the internet, and it can get overwhelming for a mom to choose the ones that suit her needs best. I’ve noticed the charts that work best for children are simple and have the least amount of frills. When I use charts for my kids, I see significant progress, and my kids are more productive. Why Use Charts? 1. Relieves Some Mommy-Stress A responsibility chart can help a mom get her child to complete tasks with less nagging. When your child sees what (Read more…)

In Defense of Our Religion

Reading or watching the news lately brings a physical ache to my heart and I know this is how many Muslims feel since horrific attacks on innocents are claimed in the name of Islam. As a Muslim mom I say this publicly… “Murderers do not depict true Islam. They are a deviation to any religion, a disease to society and a shame to humanity. They don’t represent Muslims who follow Prophet Muhammed’s (pbuh) fine example. They are ignorant and delusional souls shrouded in a cloak of self-glory that (Read more…)

Regaining Your Balance in Your Children’s Education

In my previous post, I wrote on Accepting Your Limits in Your Children’s Education. In this post, I will explain how you can regain your balance in your children’s education as a mother. Whether you’ve decided to homeschool or send your kids to a physical school, the key to academic success is to “do what you can, not do what you should.”  This is imperative, so you don’t get burnt-out as a mother. I had burnt-out numerous times when I homeschooled my children, and that’s why I say, “don’t allow (Read more…)

Accepting Your Limits In Your Children’s Education

I know I have not written a new blog post in months and I deeply apologize. It happens now and then when a hectic life presides over anything extra. I made every intention to write something since Eid, but many changes were going on with my children and I was trying to cope with the new adjustments and schedules. Then too, as the season changed, illness went through our family, and you know how that goes, no explanation needed! This school year has changed for us. You may know from my previous posts, (Read more…)

Children’s Books by Elizabeth Lymer

With Eid around the corner, choosing gifts for our children, or for our family and friends is always challenging, but what saves the day, are always good books that teach morals and spirituality to children in a fun way. That is why I would like to recommend the wonderful published work of Elizabeth Lymer. MashAllah Sr. Elizabeth is a talented writer and poet, and has successfully published over eight children’s books so far! Her newest two, “Hector Hectricity” and “Angels and Rainbows” look (Read more…)

Teach Your Child Knitting

One of the crafts my children really wanted to learn was to knit, so I decided to look for some helpful videos that showed us how to do it from scratch. Knitting had lost it’s popularity many years ago, but has made a comeback – that’s great news for kids! As a child, I had learned to do all types of handcrafts in school, and today I am able to learn new types of stitches and methods faster, and I’m not daunted by projects, because I had learned the basics already. The factor now is lack of time! But (Read more…)