How to Guide Your Children’s Behavior Ebook

Sometimes parenting can be overwhelming! Because you don't know which is the best parenting strategy to use. Sometimes parenting can be frustrating! Because the method you're using, doesn't seem to be working with your children. Wouldn't it be great if you knew exactly what to do in each situation with your child? Wouldn't it be great if you had a range of parenting strategies to choose from? How would it be if you had the confidence to guide your children to be the best Muslims they can be with (Read more...)

Making Homemaking Your Career

2015 was tough for me as a housewife and stay at home mom. So often it felt like my children would orbit around me, but with chaos instead of the beautiful illustration of swimming planets, as Allah describes in the Qur'an. Wherever I step, wherever I go, there they are, in want and in need of something from me. 2015 was tough. With my 4th child born in January, it started out rather smooth, but with a 4 year old and 2 year old still needing a lot of attention, things built up rather quickly. The (Read more...)

Why I Stopped Fussing Before Inviting People

Do you avoid inviting people over to your home because you’re afraid you can’t get the house clean enough before they come over? Me too. Do you often suggest meeting elsewhere because you’re too exhausted to imagine cleaning before someone comes over? Then too, the idea of getting the kids out and ready to go is too exhausting to follow through? Me too. During the past five years, it feels like I’ve always had a child who doesn’t sleep through the night, so I’ve been battling chronically (Read more...)

How To Teach Your Young Child Anything

The way you teach your child will determine whether your child will learn or not. One way to teach is to use the teaching loop. Research has found this to be the best way to teach. There are four steps. 1. Alert You begin by first alerting your child to be ready to learn. This is obvious, as you would want to draw your child’s attention to what you’re about to teach. Without focused attention, your child will not be able to concentrate to learn. Gain your child’s attention, by showing (Read more...)

5 Tips To Reduce Mom Anxiety

I never considered myself an anxious person, but I’ve seen it creep up through the years. It wasn’t until a fellow Islamic studies teacher described how she felt having an anxiety attack at work, did I realize that I was living with anxiety. What’s more, is my family living with my anxiety? My family had to manage with my ups and downs, my struggles with meeting deadlines for things I volunteered for (and kept volunteering for the sake of our local Muslim community, at the expense of my family), (Read more...)

Muslim Women Secrets to Success Course *Special Offer*

Assalamu alaikum amazing Ladies! Alhamdullilah. I pray your Ramadan was a month filled with blessings for you, and that all your coming days continue to be filled with God’s endless gifts. At the same time I know with all of the sad news we have been hearing about Muslims all over the world recently, our hearts can feel heavy and as Muslim women in particular, we may feel more insecure and even fearful due to some of the heart-breaking incidents we see happening to Muslim women. Now, more so (Read more...)

Preparing Your Child For Number Activities

Learning about numbers is more than just counting. By the end of the first school year, not only do children need to be able to count, but also be able to recognise numbers, count each item, and write the numbers. Each of these requires a different set of skills. To prepare your child and give him an advantage, you can start teaching him these concepts in a fun and playful way. 1. Rote Counting To say numbers in sequence is to rote count. Most children can do this easily through listening (Read more...)

Supporting Your Teenage Student

My oldest daughter has spent the last six years homeschooling, from 4th to 10th grade. Now, she is finishing her junior and senior years of high school at the community college, earning college credit, in sha Allah. It's a new change for us in that I am no longer supporting her studies at home, but rather having to support her as she attends school elsewhere. I'm no longer in charge of the lesson plans (to my and my schedule's relief, alhamdulilah), so my role is quite different. I find this (Read more...)