Reflections on Motherhood Audio

Assalamu Alaikum. As a mom alhamdullilah, to two active wonderful boys. I know the journey of motherhood can be a rewarding one, yet filled with challenges, especially if you are raising your children away from family and relatives. Indeed, I think the role of being a mother is such an honourable role, yet has its difficulties. In this video series, I give an introduction into how to manage an array of emotions that mothers may experience - this particular video gives 4 steps you can take to manage (Read more...)

3 Tips to Help Your Child Learn Better

The way children learn has an impact on how much they will retain. You want your young child to take in as much information as possible. Learning has not occurred if there is no change in a child's knowledge base. There are certain conditions that make learning easier for your child. Here are the most important 3 tips: 1. Learn Early in the Day A child's best concentration occurs early, when their mind is fresh in the morning after waking. By the time the day wears on, your child will become (Read more...)

20 Lessons I’ve learned in 20 Years of Marriage

Last year, I celebrated 20 years of marriage with my husband alhumdulillah. It seems like a long time, but compared to our parents, we are not even half way there. Marriage is a constant work in progress, you get to learn a lot about yourself during the process. You will make mistakes, but as long as you learn from them and move on it will be okay. It is our hope that we can keep adding to the lessons learned below with many more years to come inshallah. The 20 Lessons I've Learned It’s okay (Read more...)

A Dozen Tips For Disciplining Your Children

Shopping for effective ways of disciplining your child? Here are a dozen valuable tips you can take home today to help make obeying easier and discipline simpler, insha’Allah. 1. Use words of encouragement Search for situations and behaviors in which you can commend your child. When you notice your son getting along with his younger sibling or completing his homework without being told, let him know how pleased you are. 2. Be fair when disciplining Being unfair or excessively harsh when correcting (Read more...)

How To Teach Your Child To Read

Reading is an enjoyable pastime for children when they can read. Most kids eyes will light up with excitement as they eagerly open a new book, but when they can’t read, it becomes a drudgery and heavy burden. It makes me sad to see a child heave a big sigh when it comes time for him to read. How You Don't Want Your Child to Read Your child reluctantly opens a book and starts reading the words that he recognizes. Everything is fine with the first few words that he can read, until he encounters (Read more...)

The Merits of Rajab

By the bounty of Allah we will soon be entering the blessed month of Rajab. Rajab is one of the four sacred months. It stands alone, unlike the other three which come one after the other. The Prophet ﷺ said: “Rajab is the month of Allah, Sha`ban is my month, and Ramadan is the month of my Ummah.” (Narrated by al-Suyuti.) The fact that it is the month of Allah means that it is worthy of veneration, and the Messenger of Allah ﷺ himself would venerate it. When the month entered he (Read more...)

Understanding Autism In Children

April is Autism Awareness Month. You've certainly heard the word autism mentioned a lot when referring to children, but just what is autism? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are a group of developmental disabilities that cause children to interpret information differently than others. As a result, autistic children might have significant problems interacting with other people in a socially acceptable manner. They also can have difficulty (Read more...)

7 Ways To Support Your Child’s Reading

While your child is learning to read, she needs your support to help her practice and internalize what she is learning. Children can develop reading problems when they don’t get enough reading practice. At school, it is difficult for your child to get one-on-one practice with her teacher, so she needs reinforcement at home with you. My advice to parents of children who come to me for reading tuition, has always been to support their child’s reading at home. I tell parents that it is not enough (Read more...)