8 Fun Ideas To Keep Little Kids Busy

You are a busy mom with so many things to do. The laundry, the vacuuming, the cleaning, the cooking, the washing and maybe a part-time job. On top of everything else you have to supervise and entertain your children. If only you had a few hours where your children are busy doing something that requires low supervision so you can get on with your work. Or maybe you need a break. With so much to do, you want your children to be busy having fun while you put your feet up, catch-up on some reading (Read more...)

The Onset of Puberty

The beginning of puberty is a huge milestone in life and highly impacting on a child. In our current age it is considered as an indication of the beginning of teenagehood, but in Islam, it is considered as an indication of the beginning of adulthood. This is incredibly significant for our children as it indicates: When their obligations become binding When their sins begin to be recorded When they become responsible for themselves Because of this change of puberty, it is personally (Read more...)

Lessons Learned From Children

Over these past few months, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to spend a lot of time with my nephew and nieces Alhumdulillah! During this time, I've been observing them at play and how they keep busy with their many gadgets and toys. This brought a realization of how children see life, and made me discover how different life looks through the eyes of a child. Each day I was learning something magical from them, and I’d like to share these lessons from children with you. Children forgive easily No (Read more...)

5 Common Discipline Mistakes

We can all spurt out a list of mistakes our parents made when bringing us up. And for some reason, their faults are often more memorable and vivid than their numerous sacrifices for us. Even as parents, we too make mistakes now and then when raising our children, so it’s helpful to know which mistakes we should avoid in order to raise our kids to become good Muslims. Here are 5 discipline mistakes to avoid when directing your child toward proper behavior. MISTAKE #1: Getting enraged when disciplining One (Read more...)

Time Management in Your Homeschool

One of the beauties of homeschooling is scheduling freedom, but that also comes at a price. We don’t have anyone else dictating how we use our time, so personal time management is of the utmost importance. If you’re struggling with fitting in everything you want to get done in a week, these quick tips for time management will be helpful in sha Allah. 1. Know yourself Some of us are naturally morning people, while others drag themselves out of bed each morning to grudgingly get a cup of coffee (Read more...)

Managing Your Special Needs Child

"Shut up!" "I hate you!" "You’re stupid!" Of course these words aren't spewing through the hallways, doors and windows of a regular Muslim family's home... our kids don’t talk like that, and it most certainly should not be firing from the mouth of a Muslim child. Muslim children are supposed to respect their parents! Fortunately, the average Muslim family will never experience a parent having to bear such words spewing from the mouth of their child, but not all Muslim families are average. (Read more...)

Homeschool Upper Grades on a Budget

There are lots of budget friendly resources for homeschoolers in the younger grades, but as kids get older, it’s harder to find free printable packs, unit studies, or other free and cheap options. Plus, regardless of your homeschool philosophy, as you head closer toward high school, textbooks become a bigger part of your homeschool life. So, how to do you use upper grade homeschool curriculum on a budget? By knowing your resources and giving yourself time. First, take heart, I’ve found it (Read more...)

How to Feel Close to Allah During Haidh

I have heard it time and time again; many women feel that when that time of the month is upon them, they are ‘cut off’ from worship, or some women view it as a ‘vacation’ from religion. However, we must realize that we are NEVER ‘cut off’ nor on ‘vacation’ from worship. How could it be so, when worship is the very purpose for which we were created? “I have created the jinn and humankind only for My worship.” (Quran 51:56) It is true that it is haram (forbidden) for a menstruating (Read more...)