3 Ways to be a Better Spouse

To have a decent marriage takes work. It isn't the Disney Fairy Tale we grew up watching which caused our delusions of "forever-after" love to formulate. When you witness a successful marriage, you shouldn't think it's because the couple is "lucky" or the husband must be "awesome". Realize that both or even one spouse is working hard and putting in the extra time to make the marriage a success. A successful marriage doesn't happen automatically either. It happens when you accept your spouse completely (Read more...)

20 Lessons I’ve learned in 20 Years of Marriage

Last year, I celebrated 20 years of marriage with my husband alhumdulillah. It seems like a long time, but compared to our parents, we are not even half way there. Marriage is a constant work in progress, you get to learn a lot about yourself during the process. You will make mistakes, but as long as you learn from them and move on it will be okay. It is our hope that we can keep adding to the lessons learned below with many more years to come inshallah. The 20 Lessons I've Learned It’s okay (Read more...)

Tips To Keep Your Marriage Thriving

Marriage is a trial and a test for couples. There are good days, and there are bad days. It is a union of two individuals who think differently, had different experiences and dealt with situations in their own way. Sometimes there are moments in a marriage that can get challenging, causing wretched arguments and constant bickering. Some couples tend to fight so often, that they become numb and want to give up on their marriage. On those days I recommend that you read this Hadith, as it will remind (Read more...)

Your Husband Deserves Your Respect

I am writing about a topic that may not sit well with a few wives, but it is something that needs to be said and something that we as Muslim wives need to adhere to for our husbands sake - but more importantly to please Allah (swt). I am referring to that character trait that our parents demanded from us as kids - the trait of respect. Somewhere along the way we grew up thinking (not learning), that respect is something that our husband's have to 'earn', and that only if he is someone we look (Read more...)