Surviving The Last Days of Summer With Kids

The summer holiday is a wonderful time for a mom to connect with her kids. A mom is not in her usual stressful position of carpooling, keeping up with school emails, making lunches and helping with homework. Your kids are not spending hours at school, doing homework, and attending extracurricular activities. It’s a time to refocus your family life and reconstruct your values and togetherness. Unfortunately, summer can also be a very trying time for mommy dearest. After Ramadan and your short getaway (Read more…)

Saving Money on Groceries Using an App

I have been on a mission to save some money on our grocery bill this year. As you know with kids, the grocery bill adds up and is one of the biggest household expenses. When your family is as big as mine, or if you have older kids (especially boys), your grocery expense goes up way more. That’s why I am going to share with you one of the most effective ways I save money on my grocery bill. I wish I could share saving tips that are relevant for readers all over the world, but sadly this is only relevant (Read more…)

5 Steps to Improve your Relationship with your Teenager

Raising teenagers can be a painful experience – ouch! You want a close relationship with them, but they make it so hard to get close when they display disrespect and disobedience towards you. This “back-and-forth” causes the rift to widen each day in your relationship with your teen. Remember the good ol’ days when your teen was little, and he would turn to you for everything? It was so simple to discipline him using rewards and consequences, and even easier to forgive him because he was so cute. (Read more…)

Motivation Charts For Kids

There is an abundance of charts for kids all over the internet, and it can get overwhelming for a mom to choose the ones that suit her needs best. I’ve noticed the charts that work best for children are simple and have the least amount of frills. When I use charts for my kids, I see significant progress, and my kids are more productive. Why Use Charts? 1. Relieves Some Mommy-Stress A responsibility chart can help a mom get her child to complete tasks with less nagging. When your child sees what (Read more…)

Regaining Your Balance in Your Children’s Education

In my previous post, I wrote on Accepting Your Limits in Your Children’s Education. In this post, I will explain how you can regain your balance in your children’s education as a mother. Whether you’ve decided to homeschool or send your kids to a physical school, the key to academic success is to “do what you can, not do what you should.”  This is imperative, so you don’t get burnt-out as a mother. I had burnt-out numerous times when I homeschooled my children, and that’s why I say, “don’t allow (Read more…)

Accepting Your Limits In Your Children’s Education

I know I have not written a new blog post in months and I deeply apologize. It happens now and then when a hectic life presides over anything extra. I made every intention to write something since Eid, but many changes were going on with my children and I was trying to cope with the new adjustments and schedules. Then too, as the season changed, illness went through our family, and you know how that goes, no explanation needed! This school year has changed for us. You may know from my previous posts, (Read more…)

Children’s Books by Elizabeth Lymer

With Eid around the corner, choosing gifts for our children, or for our family and friends is always challenging, but what saves the day, are always good books that teach morals and spirituality to children in a fun way. That is why I would like to recommend the wonderful published work of Elizabeth Lymer. MashAllah Sr. Elizabeth is a talented writer and poet, and has successfully published over eight children’s books so far! Her newest two, “Hector Hectricity” and “Angels and Rainbows” look (Read more…)

Teach Your Child Knitting

One of the crafts my children really wanted to learn was to knit, so I decided to look for some helpful videos that showed us how to do it from scratch. Knitting had lost it’s popularity many years ago, but has made a comeback – that’s great news for kids! As a child, I had learned to do all types of handcrafts in school, and today I am able to learn new types of stitches and methods faster, and I’m not daunted by projects, because I had learned the basics already. The factor now is lack of time! But (Read more…)

Teach Your Child Embroidery

My girls were interested in a new hobby and I thought of teaching them embroidery but did’nt not know where to begin. I had remembered a few embroidery tips from my school days, but they wanted to learn how to make different kinds of stitches with expertise. I find that it is more effective to put on a YouTube video tutorial for them and let them learn the steps by someone who excels in what they do, instead of mommy trying to remember her old ways which may cause frustration to them or I. Alhamdulillah (Read more…)

How I Homeschool Without Losing My Mind

I get asked almost weekly by someone, “how do you cope homeschooling?” and you know, it’s not that bad. I think the reason I do not find it so horribly difficult, is because I have learned how to make it work for us and how not to make it such a big deal. I have also gained much insight into how my children are learning, and that learning is not doing ‘school’ but is really a daily, lifelong part of life. I also have become an eclectic homeschooler (a mix of this and that) and I do not use a one (Read more…)

An Interview With a Busy Grandmother

I had the pleasure of interviewing an awesome wife of 34 years, mother of 11, grandmother of 13, a teacher for over 30 years, educator of hundreds, children and parent author, who serves the community and offers helpful parenting advice, by writing popular e-books. She is known as Grandma Jeddah, well-known for her e-book, ‘Disciplining Without Disrespecting.’  Grandma Jeddah is one of those jewels of a woman, who can balance a busy life, with being a dedicated wife, and mother to many kids. To (Read more…)

Chronicles of Faith – A Great Channel for Tweens and Teens

Recently I came in contact with the team at Chronicles of Faith, to promote their newly released videos. When I viewed a few of their YouTube shows, I was pleasantly surprised and very much amused! It is always refreshing to see people taking positive initiatives to improve society, instead of bemoaning its ills. These guys deserve a big pat on the back for their input towards the youth. My kids (especially my boys) love Ali Ardekani’s Baba Ali Videos, and the Islamic message sticks with them when (Read more…)

Interview With Storyteller Maryam Sinclair

Alhamdulillah I had the honor of interviewing the remarkable storyteller – Mehded Maryam Sinclair. She is the author of The Fall of the Tyrant; A Trust of Treasures, A Mercy to the Worlds, The Bowing of the Stars; Miraculous Happenings in the Year of the Elephant and When Wings Expand – the winner of the 2011 UK Muslim Writers’ Association Competition. I have all Maryam Sinclair’s audio and books for my children, and that is the main reason for this interview, to promote high-quality educational (Read more…)

A Review of Miraj Audio Stories For Kids

Miraj Audio uses the power of storytelling to help children experience the beauty of Islam and engage with its values and tradition. They stimulate the imagination and excite curiosity, by genuinely engaging children with the wonder of Islam and the reward of knowledge. My children are big fans of Miraj Audio children’s stories and they love to listen to the tales as they fall asleep at night, drive in the car on trips, or listen as they color. The best part about these well-told, animated (Read more…)

Dealing With a Disobedient Teen

I was researching the web one day, when I came across some answers to a problem I was facing as a parent – namely that my teen wasn’t listening to me anymore. One forum I visited, had some great advice from various anonymous mothers and I felt that their wisdom was too good not to share with others. On the forum a mother was pleading for advice in dealing with her disobedient teenage daughter and asked: “Assalam u alaikum brothers and sisters, my daughter has reached the age of 14 and is very disobedient. (Read more…)