Ramadan Reading Activity For Kids

Ramadan is a great time to teach a series of lessons to your kids, as you have the whole month to focus on them. You can select a related story to read with your child and formulate an activity for each day. If you don’t have much time to spend teaching and doing an activity, then have a 30 Day Reading Challenge, where you or your older child, must read a story each day out loud. You can make it extra special by selecting an Islamic book a day. If you decide to have a Reading Challenge, then (Read more...)

Ramadan Random Acts of Kindness

This Ramadan download is meant for parents who are looking for random acts of kindness ideas, for their children to give to others, and share a little Sunnah along the way. It includes notes for strangers, that are written in a way that the receiver will know it is Ramadan, and have a subtle mention of our Prophet's (saw) beautiful ways to spread dawah too. If you have not heard about random acts of kindness, then let me explain. It is a random kind act that you do for a complete stranger, or (Read more...)

Ramadan Letters of Thank You

This Ramadan download is one of the special ones! It is ready-to-use Ramadan letters of thank you, that are meant to be given out to those who help us so much, or for those who need to hear a thank you from us. It teaches children to remember and thank those who help keep our world in order, and those who we need to help us grow and flourish. The Ramadan Letters of Thank You printable is a 17-page color download, that is ready to hand-out after signing it with your name. There are also two semi-filled (Read more...)

My Ramadan Days Charts for Kids

Ramadan is almost here inshAllah, and I'm adding my Ramadan booklets once again for your children, before it begins. This one includes charts for kids during their Ramadan days. My Ramadan Days Book is a coloring activity which includes a fun balloon theme and chart system for: My Ramadan Days - a chart for your children to color a balloon after completing a day of fasting. For children who are too young too fast, they do not need to feel bad, as they can color a balloon to show a Ramadan (Read more...)

My Alif to Yaa Book of Ramadan

Ramadan is around the corner inshAllah, and Muslimommy is helping parents make Ramadan easier with kids, by creating downloads for your kids to learn and enjoy during their fasting days! There were many years that I searched for Ramadan printable activities for my children, and saw how scarce they were! Alhumdulillah this year, Allah gave me the opportunity to make these Ramadan booklets, so that all our children can benefit! So here is another big coloring book called My Alif to Yaa Book of Ramadan. It (Read more...)

30 Ramadan Days of Good Deeds Coloring Book

Enjoy another Ramadan download made especially for kids, to teach them to be charitable during 30 days of Ramadan. This Ramadan booklet has 30 good deed ideas, already thought-out and made kid-friendly and manageable for parents to participate with their children. The 30 Ramadan Days of Good Deeds has been created for Muslimommy subscribers, so 'pay it forward' and leave your best 'Ramadan good deed' tip in the comments section below for others to benefit. The 30 Ramadan Days of Good Deeds is (Read more...)

What is Ramadan? A Book and Quiz For Kids

Teach your children all about Ramadan by downloading the What is Ramadan Book and Quiz For Kids!  It is another free Ramadan download made especially for busy moms who want to make Ramadan special and significant for their children, and who don't have the time to research all the basics. The What is Ramadan Book is a 15-page color download that includes all the information that is relevant to explain the basics of Ramadan and then some. There is a 20 Question quiz for your kids to fill out after (Read more...)

My Ramadan Daily Journal For Kids

Enjoy a Muslimommy exclusive! A Ramadan download made especially for older kids and tweens to journal about their Ramadan days. The revised, My Ramadan Daily Journal is a 64-page color download ebook that includes 30 days of Ramadan pages to journal, with questions that help children to make the most of their Ramadan days! The Ramadan Journal can still be enjoyed if you print it in black and white, because printing 64 pages in color might be costly for some. There is also a page-a-day for your (Read more...)