The Struggles of Mothers

Do you ever feel alone as a mother or a housewife in your own world? Do you ever feel like your life is the same routine day in and day out? Do you ever feel like your life is going to be the same forever, without anything interesting or exciting happening? I have, in my own way many struggles, which at times I feel no one would truly understand. I have felt the isolation and boredom with routine. Sometimes those days can become hard and even sad. There are many mothers out there who are struggling (Read more...)

In Defense of Our Religion

Reading or watching the news lately brings a physical ache to my heart, as if an arrow keeps piercing it. I know this is how many Muslims are feeling recently since the horrific attacks on the innocent are claimed in the name of Islam. As a Muslim mom, I feel the need to say this clearly and publicly... "Murderers do not depict true Muslims or adhere to the ideals of Islam. They are a deviation to any true religion, a disease to society, and hypocrites who shame humanity. Above all, they don't represent (Read more...)

5 Tips To Reduce Mom Anxiety

I never considered myself an anxious person, but I’ve seen it creep up through the years. It wasn’t until a fellow Islamic studies teacher described how she felt having an anxiety attack at work, did I realize that I was living with anxiety. What’s more, is my family living with my anxiety? My family had to manage with my ups and downs, my struggles with meeting deadlines for things I volunteered for (and kept volunteering for the sake of our local Muslim community, at the expense of my family), (Read more...)

Muslim Women Secrets to Success Course *Special Offer*

Assalamu alaikum amazing Ladies! Alhamdullilah. I pray your Ramadan was a month filled with blessings for you, and that all your coming days continue to be filled with God’s endless gifts. At the same time I know with all of the sad news we have been hearing about Muslims all over the world recently, our hearts can feel heavy and as Muslim women in particular, we may feel more insecure and even fearful due to some of the heart-breaking incidents we see happening to Muslim women. Now, more so (Read more...)

We Are All Mothers

Many of us, as Muslim women, hold dear to our hearts the thought of being mothers. We may achieve many great things within our personal and professional lives, however, that inert desire to hold and cherish a child never disappears. We plan when and how many children we want, their names, their attributes, their features; sometimes even from a very young age, we begin mentally preparing ourselves to become mothers. The thought of having a child in your arms whom you can nurture, protect and guide (Read more...)

12 Tips to Avoid Information Overload

Previously, I had written an article When Information Becomes Overwhelming, to discuss how I would going online to find solutions and support for my problems, but ended up not implementing them when I was done. This usually happens when you research online but become overloaded with too many answers or distracted by too many problems. The way I've avoided getting to this point is by implementing the following tips: 1. Limit Your Social Media Instead of having a Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, (Read more...)

The Moms Guide to Fitness From Home

The first step to changing your fitness lifestyle from home is to eliminate all junk food in the house, as it will be less likely to tempt you. The next step is to perform a cardio exercise which is the best way to lose weight. Cardio strengthens the heart and body and can help protect you against heart disease. Take about ten mins each day, or try for at least three times a week to do some light cardio. These ideas are great for weight loss and can get your heart rate going from the comfort of (Read more...)

The Necessity of Learning Sacred Knowledge

"We left ignorance (jahilliya), but now we have returned to it." stated a prominent Muslim scholar. His words resonate an undeniable truth that cannot be denied when we consider that in our times many people’s hair grows white in Islam, without them having even learned the basics of wudu. It is true that we do not all have to become scholars. However, certain knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim, male and female, who is sane and post-pubescent. This knowledge is known as fard ‘ayn (Read more...)