When Information Becomes Overwhelming

As a busy mom, you always have problems that need solving. Whether it's work-related, a parenting issue, some marriage advice, a recipe, or even how to fix or clean something, you go looking for solutions. But have you ever felt like the more you go searching online for answers to your problems, the more you end up doing nothing about them? It's a crazy cycle but one that is all too often the reality. It is not something that one can even help most of the time, because the world has changed so much (Read more...)

Improving Our Character Like the Prophet PBUH

Every day we have so much to be thankful for alhumdulillah. But there is no denying that some days are harder than most, and then other days can test your imaan! As the world moves faster and gets more advanced, people are rushing and becoming far too busy. At times it seems that this busyness is a ticket for a few to be inconsiderate and obnoxious. As Muslims, it is not only our obligatory duties that determine our faith but etiquette (adhab) in Islam is a crucial part of being a good Muslim. Some (Read more...)

How to Feel Close to Allah During Haidh

I have heard it time and time again; many women feel that when that time of the month is upon them, they are ‘cut off’ from worship, or some women view it as a ‘vacation’ from religion. However, we must realize that we are NEVER ‘cut off’ nor on ‘vacation’ from worship. How could it be so, when worship is the very purpose for which we were created? “I have created the jinn and humankind only for My worship.” (Quran 51:56) It is true that it is haram (forbidden) for a menstruating (Read more...)

Getting Your Life Back From Social Media

It was one of those days when I needed to rethink how I was approaching life with my older kids, as my current approach to parenting was in need of a major fine-tune. So what has that got to do with my topic of a social media? Simply that I needed to avoid social networks so I could focus on my family. Some might think it is too drastic to avoid social networks for various reasons, but since I have been detoxing from social media and went completely off Facebook, I must say, it's been awesome! (Read more...)

Dealing With the Loss of Ones Parents

It was a sad day this week for my family when my maternal aunt passed away after 12 years of fighting Multiple Myeloma cancer, may Allah have mercy on her. The loss was painful because she was the last living sibling of my mother, and my sadness was intensified by the reminder of the passing of my parents a few years ago. The pain of losing parents leaves an ache in your heart that never goes away, it is dulled but always there. We don't realize how much our parents mean to us until they're (Read more...)

25 Post Ramadan Goals

The sadness of post-Ramadan is pretty anti-climatic wouldn't you say? We have to work super hard for the next eleven months to get another one month of extra blessings and mercy to come again, inshAllah. Nowadays, when Ramadan ends, I feel truly sad. I did not feel like this many years ago though. When I was growing up, I considered Ramadan to be fun, exciting, different, a more religious time, of course not eating - yet having better breakfast, dinners and a lot more treats! And I was also more (Read more...)

The Moms Guide To Fitness Using Weights

I'd like to touch on the myths of weight training for women. When I first started training, the very thought of using any type of weight would scare me! I was always under the impression that weight training was better suited for body builders or men who wanted to bulk-up, and by no means did I want to end up that way. I was pleasantly surprised when I started training and found out otherwise. I learned from numerous trainers, as well as my dear husband who weight trains, that it does not make (Read more...)

Salaah is Your Spiritual Journey

BEGINNING YOUR JOURNEY OF SALAAH… From the moment you say “Allahu Akbar,”” it is as if you have knocked at the door of the Creator. You leave behind the world, and you are now facing your Lord. Clouds of Allah’s mercy form, good deeds fall on you like rain, and angels gather around you crying out, “O worshipper if you could see who is in front of you and who you are talking to then I swear by Allah you would not finish your Salaah until the day of Judgement. You would stay in Salaah (Read more...)