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  1. Aslm… so glad to have come across your blog Alhamdulillah…. Been looking for ways to explain our new year to the kids and i see a Muharram book download is coming in Spetmeber…. was just wondering if im searching correctly here beacuse im not able to download yet? So excited for it and hope it will be available before next week (Muharram) iA (“,).
    Jazaakallah sister, may He reward you for your efforts. Ameen.

    1. WAS dear sister. Yes it will be out InshAllah by Monday as I’m still working on it. Waiyakum and thank you for your duas.😊

  2. Thank you for your Mi’raj storybook…it was wonderful…my boys loved it! Living in an isolated area with very limited options for Islamic education I appreciated the simplicity of the story. I look forward to using more of your resources in educating my children Insha’Allah.

    1. Always wonderful to hear from readers! Thank you for letting me know, inshAllah that is the aim, to provide resources for children that are much needed! Always appreciate hearing the feedback sister.

  3. Rafeea Noorhassan Roche says: Reply

    I am so happy to find you

    1. I am so happy to hear that! ;-)

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