Find products that I use for myself, my family, or highly recommend it for Moms and Muslimas. These products help make life easier or more improved!

Books I Highly Recommend!

By Tamara Gray

Joy Jots is a highly recommended read as it takes you on a spiritual and reflective journey over the course of a year, I liked that it was a week-by-week reflection so it wasn’t too overwhelming.

By Laura Doyle

The Empowered Wife is the second book in the series. Her first book, The Surrendered Wife was good, but lacked something. I find her second book to be much more empowering and I have a learned a great deal about being a smarter, more fulfilled wife.

By Gary Chapman

The 5 Love Languages is a great read especially when it comes to understanding and communicating with our loved ones. I learned a great deal about concepts that I hadn’t thought about. It made me speak with a renewed wisdom and understanding.

By Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is one of those must-read books in your lifetime. The lessons are amazing and thought-provoking and is appropriate for older children. I am so happy it is one of the recommended reads in high school as it makes you think “beyond the box”.

Stories of the Sahaba is one of those amazing series that all children should read. I used these books as part of my children’s Islamic Studies curriculum. They loved it and have read it over and over again through the years. It is hard to find good Islamic books that are well-written and precise - this is one of them and should be on every Muslim mom’s bookshelf.

Treasury of Muslim Literature and 1001 Inventions are two must-have reads for your bookshelf. It is very difficult to find accurate history books and especially ones with details about Muslims! These two books are so far the best I have found and highly recommend for not only homeschool moms but all moms who want to give their child a well-rounded view on history.

Board Games My Kids Love!

Natural Products I Use!

Sesame oil is a wonderful natural oil that I use in my oil pulling regiment. It is detoxifying and helps in so many ways with so many issues. Read my post to find out how and why I use it here.

Apricot oil is one of my absolutely fave oils! I love it because it is so smooth and light. I use it as a massage oil and as an ingredient to make my own body care products. This is like, but better than almond oil, which I also love.

Coconut Oil is one of those items you should have on hand always. I use mine for making homemade toothpaste and oil pulling (read my post here). It is also great for cooking and making so many body products.

Almond Oil is a wonderful oil for body products and as a massage oil. It is smooth and light and I always have a bottle on hand to make homemade beauty products. It is less expensive than Apricot Oil, so an awesome alternative if you want to keep to a budget.

Apple Cider Vinegar, need I say anything more? It is known to be beneficial for so many issues. However I cannot ingest this as a liquid so I use the capsules. I love to use this for my homemade facial masks and have seen great results!

Apple Cider Vinegar tablets is a wonderful alternative to drinking raw apple cider vinegar. I cannot stomach drinking the liquid so I turn to these tablets and it has served me well with staying healthy and helps in weight loss! I’ve heard that it helps a lot with acid reflux, but I haven’t experienced that, so I can’t speak on how effective it is.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tablets are the best vitamins I have tried to help with PMS and during period time. I was told to try the tea, but found it too bitter, so searched for an alternative and got the capsule form. I cannot say enough about how much it relieves my mood swings and moroseness at that time of the month. I always keep these on hand and will begin taking some a week before I get my hayd.

This is the Red Raspberry Tea Bags that you can use instead of the tablets if you prefer. It actually isn’t too bad if you mix it and brew it with other teas like Rooibos. This is one way my friend has made it and I enjoyed it. Sometimes drinking it in tea form can be more soothing for severe PMS.

My tea drinking will not be complete without my Rooibos. Being South African, I grew up learning about the many benefits of Rooibos and I use it in so many ways. The best way is drinking it a few times a day, as it makes me feel calm and relaxed. It also detoxifies your body and promotes good skin. Read on it’s many benefits and you’ll see that it is even better than green tea - plus it has no caffeine, so I get to drink it before bed and I sleep well. This version is from S.A and is the most cost-effective.

If you prefer brewing your tea to using teabags, this Rooibos is a good buy. It will last you longer than using a teabag and is a good quality brand. I highly recommend using tea leaves if you are making a pot and drinking it often. I usually will make myself a pot in the morning and pour it in my carafe to stay warm to drink throughout the day.

Nettle is one of those teas that help with pregnancy, labor, and hormonal issues. It has been recommended by many in the past to help with detoxifying and pain. I will be honest, that it is a bitter tea and I had to mix mine with Rooibos to make it palatable. Therefore, the tablet form is an option if you prefer.

Products I Use!

My Instant Pot is my best friend. I saves me so much time and effort and is one of the best devices ever invented for moms! I use mine all the time and it has made cooking so much easier and less hassle. This is great for moms who dislike cooking and isn’t difficult to use in the least.

A Himalayan Salt lamp is one of those items that you don’t really need but happy when you have one. I have mine next to my bed and I love the soft lighting it brings to my bedroom. It is supposed to purify your air as well - which is a bonus! But I love how it brings a tranquility to my room, so I definitely feel it’s benefits.

A Diffuser is one of those pamper mom items that I love. I add filtered water and my fave natural oil to mine, and it subtly adds aroma to any room. It’s calming and removes bad smells, plus it is great to add moisture to the air. You can diffuse your essential oils for your specific relief without it feeling overpowering.

This Hair Dryer Caddy is so simple yet such an helpful addition to my bathroom. I place mine over my cabinet door under my sink and have easy access to my hair dryer and hair brush without the clutter! It’s one of those “really-works” organizers that I highly recommend!

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