Mentoring For Muslim Moms

Are You Overwhelmed & Stressed As A Mom?

I’m sure you’re so tired of keeping it all together and doing everything alone!


Well, you’ve come to right place!

Salaam! I’m Zakeeya and I was that mom for many, many years. Struggling to cope with motherhood, homeschooling, a career, staying healthy, and multiple projects that we moms tend to add on our shoulders. Everything I accomplished in life was an uphill battle and it took longer to achieve my goals and see results. My journey was tougher than usual because I had to do it on my own - with no family and friends around to support me.

That doesn’t need to be you!

If I had to do it all over again, I would find the help I needed. Someone who would save me tons of frustration, time, and energy, so I could focus more on my family and myself. Nowadays, life’s too hectic to do everything alone, and you know what? You don’t need to! Everyone is hustling in some area of their life, so finding support has become a crucial need.

That’s where I fit in.

Meet Your Mentor. The helping hand you need with discretion and professionalism. A mom of 6 kids with 17 years of motherhood experience, 9 years of homeschooling and teaching experience, and 10 years of business and blogging experience. Along with my educational background in Psychology, Sociology, Education, Information Science, and Mentoring Moms for over 10 years, I can offer the help you need.

My services offered include:

  • How To Combat Motherhood Overwhelm.

  • How To Combat Homeschooling Overwhelm.

  • How To Relieve Mom Stress, Exhaustion, and Frustration.

  • How To Heal From Toxic People.

What is a Mentor?

Someone who counsels and encourages clients on matters of career and personal challenges. A mentor is not a therapist who focuses on your problems. Instead, I help you discover your best self, offer encouragement to get you motivated, offer a plan of action, then together we effectively find solutions to your issues.

How does mentoring work?

Together you and I discuss what’s causing your troubles through a discrete one-on-one mentoring session via telephone (USA) or Skype (worldwide). We pinpoint your issues and triggers to formulate a strategy. In most cases, I use worksheets and accountability through email/text support to help you most effectively solve your concerns.

Need More Help?

No problem! Read the Coaching FAQ. You can also contact me at for a custom order or any other concerns. Thank you.


Mom Coaching Package 1
  • One-on-one 35-minute coaching session with brainstorming. Let me help you find ways to make your mom life less stressful and overwhelming.

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Mom Coaching Package 2
  • 2 x One-on-one 30 minute coaching sessions spaced a week or less apart. Let me help you find ways to make your mom life less stressful and overwhelming.

  • Review of your current issues and goals in a follow up session.

  • Unlimited email support between sessions.

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Read the Testimonials From Happy Clients!

I chose Zakeeya for her knowledge and experience. She has addressed many of my concerns about homeschooling with success. I loved the support, and I was very grateful to Allah to have her help in my life.” – Umm Zayaan, mom of 3, teacher and educator.


I cannot begin to express how much Zakeeya helped me with homeschooling. She strengthened me with her support, always gave very practical and effective solutions to the problems I faced. Taught me how to approach and teach, recommended the best resources; and she always inspired me. Homeschooling is a momentous task, and Zakeeya made it so much easier. Mentoring with her is nothing short of an invaluable investment that mother and children will greatly benefit from." - Umm Nusayba, Alabama USA, mom of 2


Sister Zakeeya has a very kind, articulate and understanding demeanor. I’m sure many mothers will benefit greatly from her mentoring service, insha’Allah. I think the cost is very reasonable, too!” – Grandma Jeddah, California USA, Author, Blogger and Mom of 11.


I was utterly confused if homeschooling was right for my family and my life. I had heard so many arguments for it and against it. Zakeeya gave me her unbiased views about the pros and cons of homeschooling. After discussing it as a family, we decided to keep it on hold for now when we could manage and commit. Her advice saved us so much trial and error.” – Maryam, UK, working mom of 2 active boys and a little girl.


Zakeeya has been a pillar of strength in my times of need when parenting became too challenging. Her sound advice, knowledge, experience and unconditional support are what got me through the rough waters.” – Nazrana, Toronto, Canada, Mom of 3.


I did not think about things in the way Zakeeya made me see it. It changed my mindset about how I thought dealing my children was supposed to be. I left her session feeling like I could do this!” – Sarah, New Mexico USA, mom of 4.


Even if you know everything that is being told to you, it always helps to get things into perspective. That is what Zakeeya did for me and helped me when I felt that no one else understood. Alhamdulilah, it helped to have someone listen without judgment, understand that I’m not crazy, and assist in all areas I needed help in. JazakAllahu khairan for your help sister Zakeeya, I would recommend your coaching to everyone! – Zahira, Qatar, mom of 3.


Have more questions? Read the coaching FAQ to get answers.


The mentoring support offered on Muslimommy is not professional therapy. All advice shared is the express view of the author and serves as an opinion from her experience in an attempt to offer empathetic assistance. The support is by no means a replacement for advice from an expert and is not intended to assist those who are dealing with behavioral and traumatic issues. My commitment is to provide the best service and most accurate advice to my clients. Thank you.