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Newly Released Ebooks For Muharram!


Mommy Coaching Support

Are you struggling in motherhood? Are you feeling overwhelmed and unorganized as a mom? Do you feel lost by the thought of homechooling? Or maybe you just need some sisterhood support? Book a coaching session to get the help you need!
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Recent Posts

Hijri Calendar Book For Kids

It’s here! The Hijri Calendar Coloring book for kids! Teach your children about the Islamic calendar with this 2-in-1 coloring book and make-your-own calendar. The Hijri Calendar book has over 27 pages of information, coloring, and your kids can personalize their very own Islamic calendar.

Muharram Book For Kids

The month of Muharram is a special month because it is the month of the blessed Day of Ashura. Many historical events took place in Muharram and your child will learn all about it in the Muharram Book For Kids. The book is a coloring book too, so they will learn as they color over 30 pages of fun! Enjoy a Muslimommy exclusive for a low price.

The Amazing Kabah Book For Kids

It’s finally here! An ebook filled with amazing facts about the Ka’bah for kids! Your children will be awestruck as they learn how fascinating is this sacred structure in Islam. The Amazing Ka’bah Coloring and Activity Book has over 50 pages of facts, information, coloring, and activities all about the Ka’bah!

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