Asma ul Husna Journal For Adults and Teens

Asma ul Husna Journal For Adults and Teens


Asma Ul Husna Journal is the first of it's kind ever published! This journal is inspired by the need to gain closeness and connection to Allah's Might and Majesty. Through journaling Allah's Beautiful 99 Names often, it helps to remind and gain an understanding of our Lord's Nature as our Creator.

The Asma Ul Husna Journal begins with a Hadith to inspire you on your journaling journey about the reward of learning His Names. Each two-page spread contains text boxes in bullet-style format for simple, daily journaling that keeps you focused and for free expression.

Here's what you will find per day inside the Asma Ul Husna Journal:

  • A section to write Allah's Beautiful Name in Arabic or transliteration.

  • A section to write the meaning of Allah's Beautiful Name.

  • A section to write Allah's Beautiful Name from the Quran where it appears.

  • A section to write the explanation of Allah's Beautiful Name.

  • A section to reflect on the Beauty and Majesty of Allah's Beautiful Name.

The Asma Ul Husna Journal is a way to gain inspiration, reflection, and consistency in learning About Allah SWT through His 99 Beautiful Names. The first pillar in Islam is belief in God and His Oneness. Allah has revealed His names repeatedly in the Holy Quran primarily for us to understand who He is. Learning and memorizing the Names of Allah will help us to identify the correct way to worship Him.

There is nothing more sacred and blessed than understanding His Names and living by them, because how can we worship, love, fear, and trust our Lord if we don’t know who He is? Allah Says in the Quran:

"And to Allah belong the best names, so invoke Him by them.." (Quran 7:180).

Instill Asma ul Husna journaling as a habit daily to see your goals bloom into reality! Get your copy today and begin your spiritual journey through journaling. The bullet-style gives you endless possibilities to decorate and beautify your journal.

Send one as a gift to your friend, brother, sister, mom, dad, son, or daughter and share the journey together! Makes a great teacher gift too.

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  • A bullet-style journal.

  • A glossy softcover.

  • A paperback format of 204 pages.

  • Printed on thick paper in cream.

  • Book 8 in the Muslim Spiritual Series.

  • Independently published by Muslimommy, June 2019.


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