My Hadith Journal For Children

My Hadith Journal For Children


My Hadith Journal is a special journal for Muslim kids! Your child can write any Hadith from one of The Authentic Books in this journal either weekly to cover 52 weeks for a full year, or as often as they wish.

My Hadith Journal provides a child with a means to jot down a Hadith they are learning, express the lessons they learned, as well as their reflections on the Hadith. Children can use their Hadith journal as a way to read and practice the Sunnah of the Prophet PBUH to formulate it as a habit and to instill it as a regular part of their learning journey.

The journal was created simple yet effective for children of all ages to use. The design is a bullet journal concept, so your child can decorate their Hadith pages any way they like to make it colorful and personal.

Purchase your child a My Hadith Journal to start him/her towards a more spiritual journey of instilling The Hadith in their life. Get a journal for your child, or send one as a gift to your grandchild, friend's child, niece or nephew, as it makes a great gift!

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  • A bullet-style journal for children.

  • Best for kids over 7 years old.

  • A glossy softcover.

  • A paperback format of 110 pages.

  • Printed on bright white quality paper.

  • Book 2 in the Children’s Spiritual Series.

  • Independently published by Muslimommy, Jan 2019.


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  • Gift option available


  • If you have any issue with your journal due to a defect in printing or materials, contact to for replacement journal.



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